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DaddyDom: What it means for his baby girl

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I think there are a lot of people who have misconceptions about the DaddyDom/baby girl concept of a relationship. I’ve noticed that even within the lifestyle community, many people look down on this aspect because they carry over the misconceptions from the vanilla world. Also, as with all human nature there is a tendency to attack what is not understood and I find that this goes on in any sub-culture social network just as it does with mainstream society.

Let’s start off by taking a look at what a DaddyDom/baby girl relationship is NOT about.
It is not about incest
It is not about degradation
It is not about pedophilia
It is not about total psychological manipulation
It is not about slavery
It is not about sexual Freudian ideals

Now that above is out of the way, I am going to explain what being a in a DaddyDom/baby girl relationship is all about for me. I realize that everyone’s experience is different and I am not advocating what goes on in my relationship as being a standard in any way. I am just going over what personally works about this aspect of the lifestyle for me. You may agree and you may disagree, both of which you have the right to do. And as consenting adults in a lifestyle relationship what we do with ours is our right as well.

I am an adult woman, thirty-four years old who has retained my childlike enthusiasm and excitement over just about everything. I am also naive and gullible when it comes to the outside world. I am one of those people who want to believe the good in every one, which when added to my natural submissive nature puts me at risk with the outside world, social predators and other’s who have a stronger personality and temperament then I do. The bonus that I have going for me is that I am also smart enough to realize these things about myself and understand my own vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to be used, lied to and manipulated by predatory personality types; I often do not realize what is going on until events start to happen and I end up in situations that I won’t understand until after they have occurred. In short, I need to be protected and I know that.

Being a submissive, I have a drive to please and to put all other’s before myself. I strive to help people by serving them and fulfilling their needs in emotional, material and physical ways. I have a habit of doing these things to my own detriment. I give all that I can until I am a exhausted on all levels with no ability to stop myself from doing so. I need to be able to fulfill this drive in an environment that is safe, emotionally productive and physically healthy.

Now, I won’t go into the rest of what makes up my personality and how I work internally but suffice it to say that in all regards I need more than the standard aspect of a Dom, I need a DaddyDom and that is what and who BloodLustDaddy has become. Keep in mind though, that I did not realize that is what I needed until our relationship naturally went in that direction.

BloodLustDaddy is many things for me. He is the love of my life, my Dominant, my Master, the center of my world and he is my Daddy. He has total control of my life and he shapes my world as well as shapes me into a better person using my natural abilities. All my needs are met, expanded and developed by his control and his guidance. Because we do have a stable foundation of love, trust and respect I think that enables me to believe in him, even when I cannot believe in myself. I think an important part of him being my Daddy is that by shaping me as a person he takes great pride and joy in what I can accomplish. He pushes my limits and even though I do get scared, I have complete trust in him that what he does to me and for me is in my best interest and in the best interest of our relationship. I worship him as my provider, protector, lover and reveal in all that makes him who he is as a person both in our relationship and in the outside world. I defer to his guidance and his care and as such he has become my Daddy. And as Daddy’s baby girl I am more than a submissive woman, I am the center of his world and his heart.

Daddy’s love and dominance is both controlling and caring. He wants me to succeed because when I do so, then he succeeds as well. As his baby girl I am an extension of who he is, an outward reflection of his dominance and what that power he holds can do.

In a way, our D/s relationship is almost like an alternative version of a “traditional” 1950’s relationship with the added bonus of TPE and BDSM. In the fifties it wasn’t uncommon for the woman to call her husband her Daddy. The Daddy provided for her, cared for her and she was seen as an extension of him. The “little woman” at home was a direct product of what the Daddy, as a man could and should do in the terms of society at the time. Daddy was the problem solver, the fixer, the glue that held the family together against all odds and he was the punisher keeping his family in line and in working order. Daddy’s in society were very common until the sexual revolution. Also, just an interesting thing to note is that men in general were not depicted as bumbling idiots who couldn’t run a home or family until after the sexual revolution took place…just saying.


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54 Responses to “DaddyDom: What it means for his baby girl”

  1. ilovemydaddy says:

    I will keep you posted! and thanks for the reply. i have a few tattoos in mind before that but it will be soon enough. I always struggle with placement. I have to be practical. I went to the contact us section but it wasn’t working right on my end, what’s the email to send? I also have a few comments or questions and wanted to be able to email you surrener4love, if it’s ok with you!thx

  2. Kristi says:

    I am the same way i get to that point as well that if messes up my judgement i clearly know what i want but then again he is there and i melt so i am not sure what scares me the most the idea of him being around me or the idea he wants me to call him daddy. I am 34 years old and i am like you in many ways i fear and i am guilable and naive and i think men can smell that from a mile away i see the good in everyone and then bam i get blind sided and i lose focus on what really is nessary and what i want i am scared to say something then he pulls his love away but again i can not be able to control how i feel i am completely caught in the middle i want him so badly but i know he is not mine he is someone elses she calls him daddy and when he comes to me i am like what now. He wants me to dress up like a teenager and in pig tails and he wants me to dress like i am 16 with the mini skirts and tight tops i don’t mind that but common i am 165 pounds that is allot of me hanging out all over the place i tell him that and he wants to say baby it is ok i want you not your size stay the way you are i am like i feel bad about my size and he wants me to be like a16 year old that to me is not sick but delusional as well i am scared to say you know what i like this but can we slow things down but scared he will leave me for someone else i love the baby girl role and i don’t want him to find someone else..

  3. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! It describes the relationship that I have with my husband almost exactly! I have been struggling to ‘define’ what makes my relationship with him different than every other relationship I have had, what makes it so much more fulfilling, etc. and you nailed it on the head.
    I have heard about Daddy/babygirl relationships before, but was hesitant to explore that dynamic further, because I have also read that some babygirls really incorporate age play into it and act like children – and while I am like you: a person who has retained their childlike enthusiasm and wonderment about things, I still act my age.

  4. Greywlf says:

    the next step is to release the “child lime” qualities IT CAN HELP YOU ENJOY LIFE SO MUCH.
    Some time buy a big box of crayons and a coloring book sit down and color. let her out it can help you feel so much more return to true innocence and she her with your husband.

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