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Daddy’s Rules for His babygirl

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In the DaddyDom/babygirl dynamic that we have created there are rules, expectations and tasks. The rules are set by Daddy and if I do not follow them or if I break a rule, then he will punish me for causing the infraction. Expectations are things that Daddy automatically expects me to do, such as gathering his things for the morning. Tasks are things that he has me do and can be sudden like hunting up paper work or doing research.

Expectations and tasks will be covered in posts just dedicated to those topics later in the week. Today though, we are going to focus on rules and I am going to list the current rules that Daddy has me under. Some rules will be followed by a punishment. Where there is no punishment listed, Daddy normally comes up with them at the time of infraction. It is important to note that Daddy and I are living together in a self-styled 24/7 TPE  and that he is a sadist, as I am a masochist.

Daddy’s Rules

1. Daddy will not tolerate profanity from his babygirl. You are to inform me immediately of any such infraction. *punishment is to get mouth washed out via a soapy blow-job

2. Inform Daddy immediately upon start and stopping of menstrual cycle.

3. Contact Daddy on whereabouts at all times when outside the home. I need to know when you arrive somewhere, when you leave somewhere and where you will be going next. Daddy can and will approve all locations and pull the privilege of leaving the house.

4. Remain in contact with Daddy 24/7. This means to always have cell phone on and charged when away from the computer. When at the computer remain logged into our chat client at all times.

5. Every evening you are to lay out three clothing choices for the next day. If Daddy does not approve of them, you will then pick out three more until a choice is made.

6. Nails are to be kept neat and pretty. Daddy wants three choices of nail color polish presented to him and one will be chosen. Daddy will and can pick out any color that he wants to see on his babygirl at anytime.

7. Daddy wants you in skirts and dresses at all times, unless prior approval for exercise clothing and pajama’s is made and or chosen by me.

8. Daddy wants you in pretty panties at all times unless told otherwise.

9. Daddy wants you to say “I love you Daddy” every time you orgasm. *prior punishment for this has been a spanking with his leather belt.

10. Daddy will not allow you to come without permission. You are to ask every time “May I come for you Daddy?” Sometimes permission will be granted.

11. Daddy wants you to meet him at the door upon arrival and you must be pretty when doing so. Clean clothing, hair done, makeup done and perfume on.

12. Daddy will not allow you to have sex with anyone else unless given permission to do so.

13. If you are hit on by any males, Daddy wants you to inform them that you are in a dedicated relationship.

14. Daddy wants your journal updated everyday, before bedtime and not done at the last moment.

15. Daddy wants your task list for the following day submitted before the end of each day. Daddy will approve, change or un-allow any activity as I see fit.

16. Daddy wants you to always walk a step behind him, to the left unless you are on my arm. *punishment is a public hand smacking

17. Daddy wants you to always walk before him or beside him when going up stairs or escalators. You are always to have a hand on the railing, no exceptions.*punishment is a public hand smacking

18. Daddy will not allow you to get in or out of a car on your own. I will open the door for you, unless you are otherwise told. *punishment is a public hand smacking

19. Daddy will open all doors for you, you are not allowed to open them. *punishment is a public hand smacking

20. Daddy will seat you by moving your chair when in a public. You are not to be seated without permission. *punishment is a public hand smacking

21. Daddy will order your meal for you. You will not be ordering for yourself. *punishment is a public hand smacking

22. Baring the children, Daddy wants you to put him and his needs before anyone else at all times.

23. Daddy wants you to inform him of any rule broken and you are to expect punishment immediately.

24. Daddy can and will punish you at any time outside of the rules when it please me to do so.

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